The semester is ending…but the students want to keep working (yes, you read that right)


keep going or moving don't stop continue don't give up

As the spring semester comes to an end and we enter finals week, we are missing the usual feeling we usually get when the semester ends.. In the old days of publishing the student print newspaper and magazine (the old days meaning two semesters ago) we would celebrate that last production night with some cheap pizza, a few fights, a weary drive home and a lot of sleep. Every semester was like giving birth — a painful, long and hard labor—but all soon forgotten after seeing the beautiful result of that labor—the publications hot off the press.

But this semester was different. There was no grumbling, no pizza, no production night, no end, because we are now living in the real world where media doesn’t ever go down. The editors will continue to work throughout the summer break—all 10 weeks of it—and have planned stories for each week. You might be wondering who will write these stories? Now here comes the amazing part. No one wants to stop. In fact, the students have not only pitched stories that they are working on during the break, but have also began putting their stories in the submissions folder. We actually have a back log of stories to publish. And they are doing this because for the experience. Not for a grade; not for money; but for the shear joy of the experience. Or maybe it’s for the fame. As funny as that sounds, there is nothing more exciting than having people across the world read their stories.

Moving the newsroom over to Medium has changed our environment. We’re happy to produce, to create, and to innovate. Story ideas have moved beyond the campus and are gaining a readership that’s never been seen in any of our previous publications.

So stay tuned for some stats…

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Romantic, passionate, college journalism professor. In love with my husband, my family LA and NY. Don't be a hater, be an innovator. Try new things and don't be afraid to suck!

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