The readership results are in…

It’s been two semesters since moving our Magazine, Substance, over to Medium, and one full semester since moving the entire newsroom over to Medium. Students are working on a complete analysis of our stats along with some pretty charts, but I’m going to break it down in simple terms. HOLY CRAP. Substance Magazine stated publishing […]

The semester is ending…but the students want to keep working (yes, you read that right)

  As the spring semester comes to an end and we enter finals week, we are missing the usual feeling we usually get when the semester ends.. In the old days of publishing the student print newspaper and magazine (the old days meaning two semesters ago) we would celebrate that last production night with some […]

Covering the Campus First: Is there anybody out there?

We are in the third week of moving our newsroom over to Medium. The students are on a high but there have been a few obstacles. The great thing about obstacles is that it opens doorways to solutions. When we entered into this partnership with Medium, we used Matter as the ultimate goal for what […]

The Experiment: How one college journalism program said goodbye to all that

Our journalism program has won awards spanning over many years for its print publications, including General Excellence, Best College Magazine, and first place design, photography and writing awards from organizations like the JACC, CCMA, CMA, ACP, and the Western Publishing Association. And we’re very proud of those awards, but awards do not produce the student […]